Discover qualities we look for in our people

The qualities we look for in our people:

  1. An Original Thinker

Fowler describes “creative” as a “luscious, round, meaningless word”, a vaguer substitute for “original”. You appreciate Fowler.

  1. An Inspirer

You don’t need Fowler to appreciate what inspiration means and involves.

  1. A Curious Soul

You agree with the renowned Time Magazine essayist Lance Morrow: “Curiosity is the noblest form of intellectual energy”.

  1. A Perpetual Optimist

You see problems as opportunities. Time after time, case after case, we have found that hope is a far more powerful, empathic force than fear.

  1. An Open Mind

Your mind is like a parachute. It works best when open. But you are not a windsock.

  1. A Story Teller

People have always connected with each other by sharing stories. You understand the power of communicating through narratives.

  1. A Persuasive Nature

You know an idea is not worth a pinch of salt unless it is bought, with commitment.

  1. Not Dour (Our Founder is a Scot)

Your appearance, manner and voice reflect that you are cheery, not just cheerful.

Culture of collaboration

If you’re curious about what makes people tick and behave the way they do, you’ll discover you’re in very good company.

The behaviour change issues we deal with are complex ones, so we believe in collaborating with partners from a wide range of disciplines.

You could find yourself sharing ideas with academics, sociologists, economists, writers and film-makers. Or even discussing global issues and ethics with some of the world’s most eminent thought leaders.