Sharon Bullen

At The Shannon Company because…

‘As The Shannon’s Company’s longest-serving member (after Bill!), I feel privileged to have been part and parcel of its journey to becoming a behaviour change specialist of note. It’s not just the type of work we do that inspires me, but also the passion and vision of our clients, who are often the driving force behind changing some of the community and environmental issues of our time.’

Sharon on Sharon

‘I’ve been in the communications industry my entire life and have best enjoyed the last decade, where I’ve turned my skills to coaxing people to change their behaviour. So I’m a well versed behavioural strategist and manager of projects and people. I’m ‘joined at the hip’ with the love of my life – who consciously resists any of my efforts to change his behaviour. We’re both addicted to playing bridge, Suduko, crosswords, anything furry with four legs, and we both like to actively help elderly people in our neighbourhood.’