James Shannon

At The Shannon Company because…

‘Where else would I get to do what I love every day and know that I am playing a part in making a positive difference to the world around me? I can’t think of many places.’

James on James

‘As a young child, I was always fascinated with words. From dissecting Shakespeare, to disappearing with Dahl, literature was my first true love. So it came as no surprise to my friends and family, when I started my career as a copywriter at the tender age of 19. Though merely a fledgling at the time, I was lucky enough to work on a number of campaigns that helped shape my belief in Behaviour Change. In the years that followed, I discovered that my love for writing was matched by my love for film, so my focus soon shifted to film production. These days at The Shannon Company, I am in charge of our Production Department, where I get to work on amazing campaigns, with extraordinary people. I am known around these parts as a man with many hats, writing, producing, directing and editing as I go. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. ‘