Gemma Clancy

I collaborate with The Shannon Company because…

When I decided to study marketing and work in advertising many people who knew me were surprised; I’d always been passionate about social justice and helping others, whereas they saw advertising as a greed-driven sales machine that was completely at odds with my values. But I knew there was a place for advertising that did ‘good’ and that when in the right hands, it had an incredible power to make positive change. When The Shannon Company came knocking, it seemed so serendipitous and I jumped at the opportunity to work on some of their amazing clients. 

Gemma on Gemma

I was born in Alice Springs, raised in Adelaide, but did a lot of my growing up while living in Hong Kong for a year as I finished my studies and entered the professional workforce for the first time. I moved to Melbourne at the start of 2018 and in less than a year, found my way to The Shannon Company.

My interests are varied and constantly evolving with every new person I meet and challenge I take on. Some things that never change are my love for my dog and camomile tea and my passion to be a part of a generation of business people who are changing the way we advertise to be more socially conscious and innovative.