David Dumas


At The Shannon Company because…

‘In my previous company, Shannons was always a feared, highly respected and annoyingly successful competitor.Shannon’s reputation and shared passion for marketing challenges that involve significant, complex and often sensitive societal issues made the decision to join the team easy.’

David on David

‘In my 30+ years (yikes!) in the industry I’ve being involved in the most exciting period of transformation in marketing communications.
I’ve had the privilege to work in some of the country’s best agencies on some great brands.
However my greatest fulfilment comes from being part of successful campaigns that genuinely look after people and help in making lives better.
I would love to get the same level of fulfilment from my beloved Richmond Tigers or my similarly inconsistent golf game.
My toughest behaviour change challenges are at home parenting two spirited teenage daughters and our Groodle, Eddie, who wagged puppy obedience classes.’