Bill Shannon

On why he started The Shannon Company…

‘I’ve spent a good part of my life cajoling and coaxing people to buy stuff that wasn’t necessarily good for them; stuff that certainly wasn’t important in the big picture. But the job did teach me a lot about how to connect with people and how to persuade them. Now what we do here at The Shannon Company is tackle the challenges facing the world today – facing individuals just like ourselves; cutting our water use, workplace safety, problem gambling, violent crime. Sure you can legislate, you can throw money at them, and you can smother people in information. But the most successful way of tackling these challenges is behaviour change. We help people change their lives. And to do it effectively, we’ve made a lot of changes ourselves – starting with the way we think. It is a cliché to say ‘we make a difference’ but we can. And we do. Knowing this means I sleep a lot easier these days. (Though often interrupted by my two young kids.) And it’s what gets me to leap out of bed each morning. (OK, maybe not leap.)’


Bill on Bill

‘I am married to Amelie Bonnet, a restaurateur from a family of restaurateurs; not a bad thing considering my love of food. I am Chairman of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and a Director of ACMI (Australian Centre of the Moving Image). I follow politics, cricket and football (all codes). I love books, movies, film and my speed ball.’