Simone Gandur

I work with the Shannon Company because…

‘Simpatico. I called my one man show Values Communication because after 25+ years in communications I know that unless you connect with your audience at an emotional level or a “values” level then you shouldn’t bother communicating at all. I truly madly deeply believe this and I live it, so collaborating with the Shannon Company for me is like being a kid in a candy store, I get to work how I like working, with professionals who have the same communications philosophy as me and are also happily a very lot of fun.’


Simone on Simone

‘My nieces say to me all the time “never grow up”. I choose to take this as a massive compliment. I go gaga over dogs, particularly the soft fluffy kind who want to cuddle and I spend hours with my head in books and can inhale anything from children’s sci-fi to a non-fiction on war. I am a really passionate social justice advocate and this manifests in talking, writing and being active on the Board of Launch Housing.’