John Armitage

At The Shannon Company because…

‘If my research says the public isn’t open to their client’s message they say, “Thanks for that John, very interesting. Now go back out there and find out how to change their minds.
That’s because they get that public opinion is a fluid thing that we can squeeze, pump and stir and sometimes just opening a little gate lets it rush into a brand new space.
Creating new, big ideas and changing how people think is exhilarating. That’s why I love collaborating with the mob at Shannon’s.
My company is Qdos Research and we’re about changing public opinion.’

John on John…

‘There are four lovely ladies in my life all of whom I completely adore. Three daughters, two fantastic teenagers and my adorable baby girl. And my delightful and terribly clever wife, Kristy.
I’m a paid up and proud union member – even though I’m self employed. That’s ‘cos I’m a lefty and fair dinkum about it.’