Fysh Rutherford

At the Shannon Company because…

It’s a nice feeling when you come home and say to your family “I did some good today.”
That’s what happens when you work on projects for the Shannon Company. Spending your time helping to recruit foster carers to ease the problem of over 400 children being displaced every night in Victoria. Or understanding the issues facing the elderly and the abuse they suffer in silence so we can encourage them to speak out.

Behaviour change is about making things better. And when you succeed you feel better too.


Fysh on Fysh

I have been a writer / creative director for a number of years. 

During this time I have been blessed with working extensively in advertising and brand design both here and in South East Asia.  I’ve enjoyed every moment of it and, humbly, have been acknowledged by receiving numerous awards and accolades.
Outside of advertising I was the co-creator and writer of “Symbols of Australia”, the definitive book on the history of Australian trademarks. I am also an artist, a fisherman, married with two daughters and, most excitingly, about to become a Grandfather.