Burt Bosma

I collaborate with The Shannon Company because…
‘Personally, I’ve always enjoyed working in advertising. Why else would I have continued writing the stuff for over 30 years? But now and then you get the opportunity to work on something that’s genuinely important. Something that hits you in the gut. Like a few years ago when Tony Osborne and I spent a week interviewing and filming people who had survived the Black Saturday bushfires. They bravely relived a shocking time in their lives to help us create a campaign that would alert other people to the extreme dangers of bushfires and encourage them to prepare. At Shannon’s, those kinds of opportunities come up more often than anywhere else because those are the kinds of important issues they focus on.’
Burt on Burt
‘I’m amazed every time I look in the mirror; who is that old guy? I always expect to see a 30 year old face and, as you can see by the pic, that’s no 30 year old face. Since both my kids are themselves over 30, I suppose that’s fair enough. Of course, they’ve long left home. And that’s meant my wife and I have been able to do the same quite often in the last decade or so. We’ve trekked in Peru, Nepal, Turkey, Morocco and China, cycled in Vietnam, Cambodia and India, and travelled through Southern Africa, Europe and North America. But there’s still a lot of world to see. As long as I stop looking in the mirror, I’ll be fine.’