Bridget Cull

I collaborate with The Shannon Company because…

If there’s an opportunity to write things that matter, let me at it. As trite as it sounds, becoming a parent made me realise just how precious life is and how much I want to use my skills for good. And what better way than contributing to behaviour change campaigns?
My path to this career began in a newsroom and took in magazines, a PR agency and corporate communications before bringing me back to what I really love about all those things – writing. And while I’m very grateful for the strategic and stakeholder relations skills those roles taught me, I’m so pleased to be living my best work life now. 


Bridget on Bridget

It’s true that in my first job in Melbourne about 14 years ago, the sub-editors ran a book, betting on whether I was English, South African or Kiwi. It’s also true that my enjoyment of rose wine predated its arrival on fashionable wine lists – something I take great pride in.
I get up in the morning with kids, running and coffee on my mind and after an environmental awakening about 18 months ago, you won’t find me drinking the latter out of a takeaway cup. You also won’t find me in possession of an English or South African passport.