Alex Wadelton

I collaborate with The Shannon Company because…

I like doing good things for good people on good projects. Having worked at basically all of the big multinational advertising agencies, and won all the awards at all the award shows, I knew that my soul was feeling pretty empty. Even that last sentence makes me sound like an ad jerk! So, a couple of years ago, I made the conscious choice to try and work as much as possible on things that added positively to the world. So, when I was approached by the Shannon Company it just felt like a particularly well-fitting glove. I admire Bill’s philosophy and everything he stands for. And I love working with all of their good people on good projects for good things.


Alex on Alex

I’m passionate about the power of creativity to do good. That’s why I’m currently in the process of trying to get a sculpture made of the most iconic image in Australian sport- the moment Indigenous footballer Nicky Winmar stood up to racist taunts and changed the face of race relations in this country forever. I also helped create the world’s first truly funny Christmas Crackers for Camp Quality- with all jokes written by comedians such as Rove McManus. This project raised more than $160,000 for kid’s with cancer. Recently I even pranked the whole of Australia into believing comedian Tommy Little was making a career pivot into being a model. This idea raised more than $105,000 in one night for homeless youth via social enterprise fashion label, HoMie.