Sustainability Victoria – Love Food Hate Waste


Sustainability Victoria – Love Food Hate Waste

The identified behaviour

A Victorian family throws out one in five bags of groceries per week.

How we inspired change

We inspired Victoria families to waste less food and save more money. How? We got them to write a simple shopping list and stick to it. Research indicated that audiences were fatigued and desensitised to messages about the environment that’s why we motivated them with financial savings.

We came up with an easy to do specific food planning behaviour, which was to make a weekly shopping list and stick it. Cal Wilson challenged the friendly folks of Lysterfield to take up a 4-week challenge and the results were staggering.


Over 1,000+ Victorians took up the 4-week challenge (and counting) and they saved a tonne of food waste and hard-earned pennies. This resulted in an estimated decrease in the food waste of $510 per annum which equates to over $217 million of food waste saved per annum across Victoria. The average value of household food waste decreased from $2,676.90 per annum (pre-campaign) to $2,166.84 per annum (post-campaign). The campaign received 250+ media mentions including coverage on all major news networks.