Respect Victoria – Call it out


Respect Victoria – Call It Out 

The identified behaviour:

Men have the tendency to turn a blind eye to the inappropriate behaviour of men towards women.

How we inspired change:

We inspired men to call out abusive and inappropriate behaviour of their male peers by adopting the behaviour change theory to encourage bystander intervention. Working with a plethora of academic research into the topic, we identified that our work needed to frame men as being responsible. In the campaign, we dramatized situations modelled off real incidents to ensure that the essential nuances were addressed. This campaign worked to shift attitudes as to what constitutes family violence. We needed to demonstrate that family violence can eventuate in a number of ways, including emotional abuse and controlling behaviour.

We identified the key barrier to reaching the desired behaviour of increasing bystander intervention was the risk of affecting relationships or the social dynamic in a group of people.

The results:

As a result of the ‘Call it Out’ campaign, one in two men have changed their attitude on what constitutes family violence.

Additionally, 53% of men have changed their behaviour after seeing the campaign, including a rise in those exposed to campaign more likely to publicly call out inappropriate behaviour.