Department of Health and Human Services – No Jab No Play


Department of Health and Human Services – No Jab, No Play


The identified behaviour

In order to achieve herd immunity, 95% of the population needs to be immunised. The immunisation rate is at 93% which is not enough to protect those cannot be immunised due to medical conditions.

How we inspired change

We inspired parents to immunise their children in an effort to raise the immunisation rates from 93% to 95%. We developed a campaign that clearly communicated that it is a requirement that children enrolled in childcare must have a record of vaccination.

Television, radio and digital display promoted this key message, while social posts played the role of myth-busting, explaining herd immunity, encouraging people to ask questions of their GP and to provide information of how people can check their immunisation records.


Before the campaign began, Victoria’s immunisation rate was at 93 per cent. In early February 2018, the government announced that this had risen to 95.3 per cent achieving the ‘herd immunity’ target, the third highest rate in Australia behind the smaller jurisdictions of Tasmania and the ACT – across Australia the rate is 94.5 per cent.