Bank Australia


Bank Australia
‘Clean Money’


The identified behaviour

Even with the Royal Commission, we are apathetic about who they bank with.


How we inspired change

We inspired individuals to bank in a way that reflects their values.

Our approach

With the knowledge that our audience are socially aware and predisposed to make conscious decisions (like organic food and clean energy), this campaign set out to communicate values-based banking through Clean Money.

We recommended that Bank Australia align with Clean Money – a global movement, not a marketing gimmick – to communicate what they do, and importantly, won’t do with their customers money.

The nature of the investments held within Bank Australia’s lending portfolio (and detailed  in their Responsible Banking Policy) fit the definition of Clean Money because they do  not cause harm to people or the planet. Instead, Bank Australia invests in community  renewable energy, non-profit organisations and social housing, instead of fossil fuels, live  animal export, nuclear weapons or tobacco.

Clean Money has established credibility, being a term that is used globally and promoted  by authors including Joel Solomon, who have written widely about the trend for people  to rethink where money is invested, which has fuelled the growth in ethical and impact  investment by institutions as well as individuals.