The Science of Behaviour Change

The academic world has decades of work to draw on and is continually improving its understanding of human behaviour and how to influence it. To tap into this knowledge and expertise we established BehaviourWorks with Monash University. BehaviourWorks is dedicated to the global study and research of behaviour change.

A combination of science and original thinking delivers lasting, Inspired Change. It’s change that is made willingly and for good: good for the individual, good for the business and good for the community.

Each year The Shannon Company teams up with EY Sweeney to produce Australia’s Behaviour Concerns, the first study of its kind that identifies and provides insights into social behaviours that most concern Australians. It includes the views and thoughts of 4500 Australians aged 16 and over.

Australia’s Behaviour Concerns identifies the nation’s top 34 concerns and groups them into seven categories : Health, Road Safety, Work Safety, Discrimination, Gambling, Domestic and Community Safety.

The Shannon Company and EY Sweeney have also undertaken a study that provides insights into ‘Australian’s Changing Choices’. Whether consumers change provider and why many of them fail to do so is the topic at the core of this research program that provides comparisons across 14 products and service categories in terms of switching and the drivers of inertia. As well as the insights from these two studies being used to inform our own thinking, the data is also available more broadly through two dedicated websites and If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you and your organisation, please contact our managing partners Michael Daddo and Ian Forsyth.