Thomas White

At the Shannon Company because…

The opportunity to affect people’s lives in a positive way while doing your job doesn’t come around very often. So when the opportunity arose to work at the Shannon Company I obviously jumped at it. 

I strongly believe that we have the ability to influence many social and environmental issues for the better and I couldn’t have been partnered with a more creative, skilled and passionate team to do that with. 


Thomas on Thomas

I do Graphic Design. I do Art Direction. I do anything that isn’t writing the copy. My pal from uni, Daniel does that. He’s the copywriter in our duo. Together we make a mighty team. Like Ben and Jerry. Except we don’t make delicious yet confronting ice cream flavours – we make ads. When I’m not making ads that make you say “hmm”, I’ll surely be drinking one of my seven daily cappuccinos or making a mean mac’n’cheese.