Roger Clifton

At The Shannon Company because…

Why make my life harder at The Shannon Company.
I had known Bill Shannon for more than 20 years before I accepted his invitation to run his business. I was both admiring of his pioneering of a “no commission” business model, and I must say a little sceptical. Bill successfully escaped from being a hostage to the vagaries of the rise and fall of a client media spend, and his business was being appropriately compensated for its creativity and thinking.
After a life time of persuading people to support particular brands, which was relatively straight forward, the notion of persuading people to change their behaviour without even necessarily receiving a personal benefit for it was irresistible to me. A much more sophisticated and difficult task than product promotion.
Behaviour change is at the forefront of the persuasive communications business and The Shannon Company is at the vanguard of that development.
Knowing one’s skills are being applied to “the common good” gives immeasurable personal satisfaction.

Roger on Roger

I feel very privileged to have had such an exciting, varied and stimulating working life with such clever people of such generous spirit. I could not have retired from a more rewarding industry and it is of great satisfaction to be to be able to share some of my experience still through consulting to The Shannon Company. I am married with three adult children and spend much of my time on community based projects, especially in the disability sector. Learning to play jazz clarinet is a particular challenge I enjoy.