Helen Penman

At The Shannon’s Company because…

‘After having worked at The SSB, Orica, The Australian Industry Group, Westpac and Merant in various financial roles I decided to try a different industry. I joined The Shannon Company 13 years ago and have experienced first-hand the metamorphasis from a traditional ad agency to a company specialising in the area of Behaviour Change. It has been both a challenging (in a good way) and rewarding experience working with the talented and dedicated team at Shannon’s. I am constantly amazed at the great work we produce encouraging people to take another view, and to see they can benefit by making small changes for themselves, others and the planet.’

Helen on Helen

‘Come the weekends this deskbound employee loves nothing better than to spend time in the great outdoors. Gardening, 4WDriving and researching the next great outback adventure, photography, sailing and spending time with family and friends are some of life’s greatest pleasures.’