Daniel Borghesi

At the Shannon Company because…

When the opportunity arose to join such an experienced and accomplished team, it was pretty hard to say no. At The Shannon Company you have a real chance to create some challenging work that will truly stand out; and that should appeal to any young creative. There’s also a pretty good kitchen.


Daniel on Daniel

Whilst completing my Bachelor of Advertising at RMIT, I encountered a young man named Tom. Rough around the edges but just non-threatening enough to be allowed to meet my mother. He would be the art director to my copywriter; the Beyoncé to my Jay-Z, the Lano to my Woodley, if you will. Together we landed this sweet gig straight out of uni. A place where I can put M&Ms on my desk and listen to explicit hip-hop in my headphones without the rest of the office knowing. When I’m not sending business emails about business in a business-like-tone, you can find me camping for limited sneakers, playing soccer or basketball, and taking the overdue opportunity to “Party All The Time” (Eddie Murphy, 1985)