Emma Hill

At The Shannon Company because…

‘A few years ago, with 20 years of advertising under my belt, I was a panellist at a public debate on ethics and morality in advertising.
A feisty bearded gentleman in the audience kicked off with:
“How can Emma do what she does and even get up in the morning?”
I was silent. Then bumbling. Then realised I didn’t know how to answer him convincingly.
That lively critic started a journey of change for me, which has led to me joining forces here and feeling really great about it. And that I hope I run into him again one day. Because I have a much better answer now.’

Emma on Emma…

Becoming a parent has made me realise I never really knew what it meant to be selfless, patient, nurturing and realistic. But I still think the Tigers can win a flag in the next 2 years.