Callum Beamon

I collaborate with The Shannon Company because…

As and Art Director, the work I do with these guys really makes a difference. A positive difference. A good vs. evil kind of difference. I no longer run around the streets as a spandex-clad vigilante, fighting injustice with my fists; now I do it with my mind… and ok yeah, still with my hands too… but more in a scamping, moving a mouse around type way.
In all seriousness though, behavioural change work really is empowering and something I’m proud to tell the people I meet about when asked the inevitable, ‘So what do you do?’


Callum on Callum

I’m a restless soul, always on a quest to acquire new experiences and skills. Nothing is off-limits. Except caving. That’s just odd. I still like to dress up as a superhero too, but now it’s just when I’m spending quality time with my wife and kids.